Record number of starving Sea Lions stranded on West Coast as "Mortality Event" Drags On  A record number of sea lion pups have been stranded this winter, weakened and left behind on the southern beaches of California  The mother sea lions are now leaving their young for prolonged periods as they struggle to find food on the West Coast. Some of the adult sea lions don’t even have enough energy to complete their long quests for food. Answers to why this is happening still remains a mystery but Some scientists believe the cause of this mortality event is linked to this winter’s mild El Nino effect while others believe it could be linked to the Fukushima leak in Japan? The El Nino effect is responsible for altering ocean currents and the temperatures of the water. A change in the El Nino effect can change the migratory patterns of natural prey that the sea lions depend on. The West Coast is witnessing the effects of of a rapidly changing environment and shifting ecosystems, But recently a report came out of Japan indicating that yet another leak was discovered and some reports even indicated that there has been prolonged leaking from the area. Hopefully in time we have a definitive answer to what is causing the starvation and deaths of these Sea Lions and other Animal life on the West Coast. FULL REPORT