PROPHECY WATCH: Magnitude of humanitarian crisis in Syria will impact world for generationsOnce again we are seeing a headline that echoes an ancient prophecy spoken by Isaiah the prophet thousands of years ago speaking of the future ruin of an ancient city in Syria called “Damascus”. According to reports the world is “not even close to grasping the magnitude” of the humanitarian crisis in Syria, a top aid official said ahead of the fourth anniversary of the peaceful protests that marked the start of the devastating conflict.
“We may live with the aftermath of the Syrian conflict for generations,” said Jan Egeland, head of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and former UN humanitarian chief. The conflict has killed some 200,000 people, created more than 3.9 million refugees, mostly in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, and displaced 7.6 million people within Syria, UN figures show. New figures from UNICEF show 14 million children are affected by the conflict in Syria and neighbouring Iraq, with millions trapped in areas cut off from help due to fighting. “This is the biggest humanitarian crisis in a generation,” Mr Egeland said. FULL REPORT