No Opting Out of Vaccinations Under Proposed California Bill If you live in California and choose to not vaccinate, you may not be happy with a new report coming out that indicates that a bill on the subject would hit the legislature. In fact one has, It’s called SB 277 and it has been introduced in late February. According to the report it would remove exemptions from existing law that allow parents to forego having their children immunized for personal beliefs. The bill would pertain to diseases like mumps, whooping cough and measles which, in part due to a recent Southern California outbreak, has been making a comeback. Exemptions for medical reasons would still be available, but the bill would prevent anti-vaxxers from straying from a typical vaccination schedule or choosing not to vaccinate at all. The bill would prevent children from going to public or private schools, nurseries, day cares or development centers without vaccinations. FULL REPORT