New app Periscope revealing many user's home addressesYou may want to research the Apps you install on your phone. A new report indicates that Live stream video is going mainstream as two new apps are placing real-time broadcast ability in the hands of any smartphone user – although many are unknowingly broadcasting their home addresses. Personalized live stream video available on Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope app (iPhone only currently) allow users to immediately broadcast themselves directly to social media. Live video produced by individuals on smartphones is expected to enable more “video aggregation” from citizen journalists and allow unfiltered content to directly reach streaming users. Tech experts are still unsure how the new live streaming apps will be used, but they say that’s just part of social media. “When it comes to new tech nobody knows what it’ll be used for, even to the companies — everyone asked what the point of Twitter was when it was released,” said CNET’s Ian Sherr. “It’s almost purposefully open-ended.” FULL REPORT