Google Moving to Shut Down Alternative Media by Ranking Sites on “Facts” Rather than PopularitySearch Engine giant Google, the major driver of traffic to the majority of media portals is moving to change the way it ranks websites, declaring that it intends to use known partisan debunking outlets to determine the “truthfulness” of content. In other words, Google will decide what is “Facts” and what isn’t!  Currently, Google rankings are determined by the number of incoming links to a web page, meaning that if a story becomes popular it can be driven to the top of search results, and by viewed by millions of people. However, this is a little too democratic for the liking of some, who only like to get their “facts” from pre-approved sources. So how will this change how you receive your news and information? Remember we have been warning of the soon changes to the Internet and how information would be given to us. It appears the noose is getting tighter and now with Net Neutrality only time will tell how tight it will get? FULL REPORT