Global debt rose $57 trillion since 2007; economic implosion now unavoidableMore headlines are coming out that are warning of a coming “Economic Collapse” and this latest comes from Natural News who is reporting that Global debt has soared to dizzying levels since the “Great Recession,” and according to a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute. The study estimates that overall global debt since 2007 has increased by a staggering $57 trillion, outpacing world GDP growth and raising the debt-to-GDP ratio by 17 percent. Considering that history proves now that high levels of debt were a significant contributor to the last crisis, these recent spiraling debt increases on the global scale are an indication that an even bigger crisis is likely to occur soon. McKinsey based its report on financial data from the world’s 47 most important economies, including households, governments, corporations and the financial sector in the equation. FULL REPORT