Former Atheist Declares Supernatural Healing Power of GodAn Amazing testimony has come forth from a former Atheists who experienced first hand the Supernatural Healing Power of God! According to his own testimony, Lee Strobel said “My wife Leslie found me on our bedroom floor, comatose. Frantically, she called the paramedics.” “I remember awakening in a hospital emergency room, a physician looking down at me. “You’re one step away from a coma,” he said, “and two steps away from dying.” I slipped back into unconsciousness.  An unlikely cascade of medical issues had put me on the edge of death as I approached my 60th year. A routine heart procedure a few weeks earlier had caused complications that were shutting down my kidneys. Pneumonia was developing in my lungs. I had a rare and severe allergic reaction to medication given to me for a voice problem. But my doctors were unaware that any of this was going on. Strobel went on to say “What threatened my life the most was hyponatremia”—my blood sodium level had plummeted to the point where life was unsustainable. Water was entering my cells and triggering dangerous swelling of my brain. Doctors needed to raise the level back to normal in order to stabilize me, but it had to be done slowly and carefully. If it were elevated too quickly, the brain could be irreparably damaged, leading to death or severe disability. FULL TESTIMONY