Dr. Brown explains why Creflo Dollar won't be getting his Dollars for a New JetAccording to an article by Charisma, Dr. Brown isn’t planning on giving any money to help Creflo Dollar buy his new $65 Million dollar Jet! Dr. Brown stated “I’m all for generous giving, and I’m all for taking care of ministers of the gospel, but I will not be sending Creflo Dollar $300 to help him buy a $65 million jet for his ministry. The very thought of it is obscene.” On a manipulative video now removed from his website, the narrator explains how Pastor Dollar’s ministry is touching people worldwide and how the old private jet they’ve been using for years has become unusable, also explaining how it is actually dangerous to fly. Now, we are told, in order to travel around the world, he needs a new jet, and not just any jet. It is a top of the line jet that is being coveted by billionaires who are on a waiting list to purchase one. Yes, Creflo Dollar is asking for 200,000 people to send him $300 each in order to buy this ultra-luxury flying machine.  What’s really sad is that some people will actually do it. What’s even sadder is that this same money could be used in millions of more productive ways. What’s the saddest of all is that this financial appeal is bringing reproach to the name of Jesus and making a mockery of the gospel before the eyes of the world. Can we be real for a moment? FULL ARTICLE