Demon-Filled Man Mocks, Slaps 'Powerless' Charismatic PastorI am a big proponent of the supernatural power of God. I came into it when I was baptized in the Holy Ghost shortly after my conversion. I will never understand men who reason away or dumb down the supernatural workings of God and His sacred gifts. I realize there are sensationalists and religious fanatics who abuse and misuse God’s gifts and power, but that doesn’t do away with the real. Once you’ve tasted the genuine move of the Holy Spirit it is difficult to settle for anything else. Jimmy Horton was a frontline soldier in the Vietnam War. While engaged in combat he often thought of how he longed to hear a tongue and interpretation. You see, Jimmy was from a Spirit filled church back home in America where they had constant manifestations of these things. The other gifts of the Holy Spirit were in operation there, too. When is the last time you witnessed a tongue and interpretation in a meeting? When is the last time you witnessed a genuine healing or deliverance in a meeting or in the marketplace? FULL STORY