Contaminated Chinese produce spreads hepatitis A to nine AustraliansA shocking report coming from Natural News is indicating that Hepatitis A is being spread from Chinese Produce! According to their report China has a dastardly reputation for producing garbage consumer products of poor quality that may contain things like toxic heavy metals and lead paint. But the world’s largest economy (by some measures) is increasingly exporting garbage food products as well, including tainted berries that reportedly infected at least nine Australians with hepatitis A. Recent reports explain that Patties Foods, which sells both the Nanna’s and Creative Gourmet brands of mixed berries in Australia, opted to recall these and two other similar products after multiple hepatitis A infections caused by the Chinese berries emerged in regions throughout the continent. Individuals in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales all reported falling ill after consuming the tainted berries. Each of the products is commonly sold at supermarkets throughout Australia, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP), which means many more people may have been exposed to the bad berries. The infection cases are unusual, claim authorities, because hepatitis A is usually contracted from other sources, typically in conjunction with fecal contamination. FULL REPORT