California School holds monthly drills to prepare for tsunamiThe National Weather Service teamed up with Humboldt, Del Norte and Mendocino counties to ensure the public is prepared should a tsunami strike. Sirens sounded and radio and TV stations were interrupted throughout the three counties during the test. According to officials, while this is a test of the counties tsunami warning system, it is also a reminder to those who might not have a plan in place should a tsunami hit the North Coast. To the students at Redwood Coast Montesorri School it was another drill. Students at the school said they have earthquake and tsunami drills once a month. Although young, students know how important it is to take the drills seriously. “I think that it’s very important because we’re close to the ocean and it’s one of the most dangerous places if there was a tsunami, “student Sierra Taijala said. Each month, unannounced, students practice the proper steps to take in a tsunami. They begin with an earthquake drill inside the classroom, and then students make their way outside the classroom and form a single file line. Teachers then lead the groups of kindergarten through sixth graders up the dunes behind the school. After a short climb, students then reach the highest point near the school. A safe zone should a tsunami wave be headed to our coast. FULL REPORT