Baptist College Says Disagreeing With Lesbian Speaker Is Against Christian DoctrineYet another controversy is brewing regarding sexuality. This recent one according to Charisma involves an American Baptist College (ABC) who sees protests for an upcoming lesbian speaker, but a spokesperson says they are shocked it’s even an issue. ABC Vice President for Administration, Finance and Legal Affairs Richard E. Jackson says Bishop Yvette Flunder, a married lesbian, will be speaking on social justice, and anyone not in agreement with her comments is out of line on Christian doctrine of serving the needy. “I think that the first thing that we would have people to understand is that Bishop Flunder will be focusing most of her remarks and comments while at American Baptist College on the innovative nature of the ministry that she (Flunder) conducts that addresses the rights and needs of persons with HIV and AIDS,” Jackson says. “And I think that is completely compatible and consistent with the belief and philosophy of Christian people and Christian institutions to care for the least of us in any given society.” The Nashville-based college promotes tolerance over moral absolutes, according to One News, and Jackson says he believes higher education institutes should be free of “biblical constraints.” FULL REPORT