Anti-American sentiment in Russia now more intense than during Soviet era

Supporters of the Russian Communist Party carry a model of an ammunition with the words “Privately to Obama” written on it. Anti-U.S. sentiments in Russia are at record highs, far worse than any time since Stalin. (Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters)

There was a time whe thought the Soviet Union was anti-American sentiment and history is beginning to repeat itself.  After a full year of furious rhetoric has been pumped across Russian airwaves, anger toward the United States is at its worst since opinion polls began tracking it. A wave of anti-U.S. bile has swept the country, surpassing any time since the Stalin era, observers say. It seems we are standing on a Powder Keg set to explode and everyone continues to hold their breath waiting for someone to make the wrong move to strike the match! FULL REPORT