ebola-3.siThe spread of Ebola in Europe is “unavoidable,” the World Health Organization said shortly after the contraction of four new cases was announced in Spain. “Such imported cases and similar events as have happened in Spain will happen also in the future, most likely,” the WHO European director Zsuzsanna Jakab told Reuters. On Monday scientists predicted that there was a 75 percent chance that Ebola would reach France by the end October and a 50 percent chance for the UK. A new study warns there’s now more than a 75% chance Ebola will reach France by end October,  and a 50% chance it will reach the UK before the end of October.  The most dangerous contributor to the spread is the behavior of the virus. Its symptoms catch people unawares and normally follow a 21-day incubation period, during which there’s literally no visible sign the person has contracted Ebola.  This is further complicated by the EU’s free movement system – one can literally infect anyone they come into contact with in the space of a few days if they were to drive or fly from one country to another. More