sawThe largest student union in the United Kingdom has rejected a motion to condemn ISIS for its brutal treatment of the Kurds on the grounds that it could be seen as anti-Muslim “Islamophobia,” a British newspaper has reported.  The political split in the student body over the conflict in the Middle East erupted after a motion was put forward last month to the executive council of the National Union of Students. It asked students to express “solidarity” with the Kurds in Iraq and Syria who are engaged in a bloody struggle against ISIS terrorists, reported the Independent. Robert Spencer, author of the blog Jihadwatch for the David Horowitz Freedom Center, said the charge of “Islamophobia” is frequently used to intimidate people into thinking there is something wrong with opposing jihad terror and Islamic supremacism. “Here we have a textbook case of how true that is,” said Spencer. “The motion failed because some thought it would promote ‘interventionism’ — as if it would suffice to condemn the Islamic State but recommend that nothing be done about it. This is the suicidal idiocy that is the dominant mainstream in the public discourse in both the U.K. and the U.S., and will lead — unless its stranglehold is broken — to the death of both societies.” A new motion that everyone can supposedly agree on is expected to be put forth at the group’s next meeting in November. While the NUS leadership has difficulty deciding on whether ISIS terrorists are bad, it has no such reticence in attacking Israel, which it portrays as the villainous root cause of all problems in the Middle East. This is the same group that has compared Israel to an apartheid government and recently passed a resolution advocating the total boycott of all things Israeli. More

Hurricane Gonzalo is seen in a NOAA satellite image taken over the Atlantic Ocean
Britain is on a countdown for the WORST STORM IN YEARS to cause widespread devastation in less than 48 hours. The entire country is braced for SEVERE GALES and torrential downpours that could trigger floods, damage buildings and rip branches from trees. Forecasters have issued warnings to expect SIGNIFICANT DISRUPTION when the churning vortex, the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo, smashes into the west coast of Britain tomorrow night.  With high tides due at the same time, COLOSSAL WAVES threaten to spill over sea defences putting coastal regions at risk of severe floods with even snow on the cards over high ground. Currently hurtling across the Atlantic on a direct collision course with the UK, the force-1 hurricane shows signs of GETTING STRONGER. More