the-devil-himselfAmericans can’t seem to get enough of horror movies. Every October, in time for Halloween, Hollywood releases a creepy new crop of films about masked serial killers, flesh-eating zombies, crazed vampires and demon-possessed children who crawl out of television sets to attack us. This year’s horror fare includes Annabelle (about a red-haired doll possessed by an evil spirit), Devil’s Due (about a demonic pregnancy resulting from a voodoo ritual), Ouija (about teenagers who conjure ghosts by playing a board game) and Horns, (about a murder suspect who begins growing horns and taking on other devilish characteristics). No thanks. The world is scary enough—I don’t need a horror movie soundtrack to go with it. Many horror movies are quite religious (last year’s The Conjuring was about a Christian couple who did exorcisms), but Hollywood rarely gets it right when it comes to the devil, demons and the spiritual realm. The result is that many people today have wrong ideas about Satan—and Christians often subscribe to these kooky concepts because we haven’t studied God’s Word carefully. Here are six of the most common myths about the devil: More