141018002751-dnt-ca-meningitis-student-death-00001613-story-topAn 18-year-old San Diego State University student diagnosed with meningitis died Friday, leaving university officials scrambling to notify up to 400 people with whom she may have come in contact. “Initially, we were thinking it was just a small group of people, but now we’re in the range of estimates of 300-400 people that we’re notifying,” said Dr. Gregg Lichtenstein, director of SDSU student health services and clinical services. “We’ve sent out a campuswide notification that all members of the Kappa Delta Sorority and those who attended certain fraternity parties on October 8 and 9 should receive preventive medication.” University officials say Sara Stelzer, a freshman studying pre-communications and a member of the sorority, was admitted to a local hospital Tuesday morning with flu-like symptoms. “It is always difficult when a young life is lost, especially when that person is part of our SDSU family,” Eric Rivera, vice president for student affairs, said in a statement about Stelzer’s passing. More