putin-665x385As the former Soviet Union faces tough sanctions from the Obama Administration and European Union (EU) in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and incursion into Eastern Ukraine, Putin threatens the United States. The Russian president fired off more ominous rhetoric as his country’s Ruble and economy continue to suffer. Vladimir Putin warns that the continued “hostile” posturing from the West and its partners could have “nuclear consequences.” Putin sat for an interview with Serbian newspaper Politika this week. Among the topics discussed were the coup d’état in Ukraine, which “is a worrying example of growing neo-Nazi tendencies in Eastern Europe,” the “open manifestations” of neo-Nazism in Baltic states, and the natural gas impasse with Ukraine. However, one of the most stunning parts of the chat — and focus of Western Journalism’s coverage — was Putin’s subtle warning of nuclear destabilization with the West and EU partners. The Russian head has been ratcheting up talk lately about his country’s nuclear arsenal and prowess in a show of force against the U.S. superpower. More