5434db40962ad.imageCity Spokesperson Sara Bustilloz confirms that a sick passenger on flight 2791 likely does not have Ebola virus. The flight landed just after 11:00. CBS 7 confirmed with the Midland County Sheriff’s Department then that paramedics on scene were discussing Ebola symptoms. The patient was vomiting, which is one symptom of the Ebola virus. However Bustilloz said the patient did not have fever, a CDC symptom associated with Ebola. Bustilloz said the fire department transported the female patient using hazmat and disease control procedures. “At this point we are considering it not to be Ebola but we never want to rule anything completely out. It’s highly unlikely that it is Ebola,” Bustilloz said. The female passenger travelled from Istanbul Turkey through London to Dallas Fort Worth where 2791 departed to Midland. The 69 passengers are all being tracked and were told to look out for symptoms although they were released. More