ebola-presser-bellevueTwo people with symptoms similar to the Ebola virus were taken by Fire Department ambulances to a Manhattan hospital, sources said Monday. Both patients were picked up at a New York City address and both are believed to have recently returned to the city from Africa, the sources said. The two — both believed to be adults — have been quarantined at Bellevue Hospital. EMS crews who dealt with the patients have also been isolated as a precaution, the sources said. If confirmed, they would be the first cases in the city of a deadly disease that has already killed 4,000 people in West Africa and claimed one victim in the U.S. The troubling development came a day after the feds reported the first known transmission of the disease in the U.S. — a Dallas nurse who contracted it while taking care of Thomas Duncan, who died of Ebola on Wednesday. The New York cases were reported just a couple of days after a teen sparked an Ebola scare when he was taken to a Brooklyn hospital with suspicious symptoms. More