image1Medical experts say the latest strain of enterovirus D68, a virus that has caused severe respiratory problems in children across North America in recent months, is behaving in a new way — and they want to know why. Health officials began to notice a problem in late August, when children first thought to be battling a mild cold began developing severe breathing problems.In Montreal, eight-year-old Renato Girolami started with a mild cold that quickly worsened. Eventually he was admitted to hospital, where tests showed that the young boy was indeed infected with the virus. “It was hard to breathe,” Renato said. “When I was walked, it was hard to walk.” His mother Paula Girolami said it was a frightening experience. “He’s been healthy all his life and it just happened so suddenly,” Girolami told CTV News. Renato’s health gradually improved, and after six nights, he was able to come off oxygen and return home. Some children have not been able to overcome the virus’ effects. EV-D68 is now linked to a handful of deaths in the U.S., including a 21-month-old girl who died Friday in Michigan. “It is a virus that’s been circulating more than it ever has before,” said Dr. Jeff Pernica, infectious diseases specialist at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ont. More