busViolence continued in Jerusalem Thursday, a day after an Arab terrorist killed an infant when he plowed into a crowd of Jews waiting for a train. Arabs threw rocks at Israeli drivers and police in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and attacked children at a kindergarten in the Maale Hazeitim neighborhood on the Mt. Of Olives – the second such attack in as many months. No one was injured in any of Thursday’s attacks. Enough is enough, said Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat Thursday. Barkat toured areas on the “seam zone,” the neighborhoods along Road 60 that cuts a swathe between the mostly Jewish neighborhoods of Maalot Dafna, Meah Shearim, and downtown Jerusalem to the west, and the largely Arab sections Silwan, Beit Hanina, and the streets outside the Old City to the east. Barkat, accompanied by officers of the special Yassam police security unit, toured the French Hill Issawiya neighborhoods, both near Hebrew University. “We must restore quiet to Jerusalem,” Barkat declared. “I have been saying for months that the situation here is intolerable, and we must act decisively to stop the violence. It is clearer than ever that we must place police inside Arab neighborhoods to prevent unrest, with a large presence and well-equipped forces, acting to restore order to the city. More