Davids-Tent-DCLate last month, a 50-day, 24/7 outdoor worship service kicked off in Washington, D.C.—right outside the White House, where President Obama and his family reside.  For the third straight year, David’s Tent DC invites all to join in nonstop worship and prayer that began on Sept. 15 and will conclude on Nov. 4, Election Day. EWTN reports on this ecumenical, nonpartisan effort:  “David’s Tent is a love song to the heart of the Father, lasting 1,200 hours total this year,” says founder Jason Hershey. “The issue at stake here is valuing Jesus as He should be valued—this is a 24/7 worship service for 50 days, simply because Jesus is worthy of it. David, even as a young shepherd boy, understood that God was the most important thing to his life!” Hershey serves as director of Youth With A Mission-DC, the team primarily involved in staffing the worship service around-the-clock. They have experienced significant favor with government agencies who monitor the area. “We are honored to be here at the privilege of the National Park Service,” Hershey notes. “They’ve been great to work with throughout the permitting process.” More