mount-ontakeThe consequences of the massive earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 may not be over yet, as more volcanic eruptions like one last month that killed 56 people may be ahead, experts say. That unexpected eruption of 10,062-foot Mount Ontake in central Japan, the country’s second tallest active volcano, that rained ash and stones on unsuspecting hikers has renewed concerns about the volcanoes in the region. It was Japan’s deadliest volcanic eruption in almost 90 years. It is possible the country is facing a future of elevated volcanic activity as a result of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake of March 11, 2011, says Toshitsugu Fujii, a volcanologist at the University of Tokyo. “The 2011 quake convulsed all of underground Japan quite sharply, and due to that influence Japan’s volcanoes may also become much more active,” he says. Japan has 110 active volcanoes, with some on remote islands and some undersea volcanoes; 47 of them are monitored full-time. More