U.S. Attorney General Holder looks on during a special naturalization ceremony at the Department of Justice in WashingtonSoon-to-be-retired Attorney General Eric Holder gave the Department of Justice gay marriage implementation team the department’s top award at the Annual Attorney General’s Awards Ceremony, a Wednesday press release announced. The Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service, “the department’s highest award for employee performance,” was given to the 29 people “responsible for outstanding achievement in U.S. v. Windsor implementation.” The 2013 Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Windsor gutted the Defense of Marriage Act, a 1996 federal law which defined marriage as “a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife.” The case was brought by Edith Windsor, who argued that she shouldn’t have to pay estate taxes on the inheritance left her by her female partner because they were married. Shortly after she filed suit against the government, President Barack Obama famously instructed Holder not to defend DOMA’s constitutionality, since he had determined it to be unconstitutional all by himself. “I fully concur with the President’s determination,” Holder said at the time. Less than two years later, the law was struck down. More