UFO, UFOs, sighting, sightings, alien, aleins, ET, orb, orbs, space,  LA, los angeles, california, July, 2013, paranormal, top secret, Jennfer Aniston, Justin Bieber, new,This is turning out to be a banner year for UFO sightings from all over the world. More websites and blogs are cropping up and supplying “evidence” that proves extraterrestrial life exists beyond this planet, perhaps, even beyond this galaxy. Granted, some reports of unexplained flying crafts are military and amateur drones, while others are simply UFO hoaxes. However, as time goes on and advances in imagining technology increase, footage is becoming clearer. Gone are the days of grainy images that are merely tricks on the eye. That has been replaced super-speed high-definition cameras. NASA has not commented on the Earth-sized UFO seen in the latest digital images. Could it be a camera fault, coronal ejection, or solar flare? More