207577The search for extraterrestrial life seems to have achieved its goal in the discovery of a microscopic life-form called the “Dragon Particle.” Scientists from the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology have announced — along with the release of a photo of the entity — that cosmic particulate matter exists in a pristine state, unsoiled (in a manner of speaking) by Earth matter, and is constantly raining down. It is further suggested that the minute life-forms may very well be evidence that life on Earth began somewhere out there — in outer space. The Hindu reported Oct. 11 that the tiny alien particle, which was discovered when Wainwright’s team sent a balloon into the stratosphere during last year’s Perseid meteor shower, apparently is abundant in Earth’s stratosphere. Professor Milton Wainwright said that the photo of the entity he discovered shows a structure they have taken to calling “the dragon particle,” due to its somewhat quasi-dragon-like features. Scientific analysis shows that the particle is made of carbon and oxygen, proving that it is not a piece of cosmic or volcanic dust. More