Texas nurse Amber Vinson is helped up the steps of a waiting aircraft by personnel in this still image taken from videoThe man seen Wednesday wearing no protective gear while transporting an Ebola-stricken patient from Dallas to Atlanta works for the air ambulance company that handled the flight. Officials with Georgia-based Phoenix Air Group said its clipboard-carrying medical supervisor was OK to work in civilian clothes while everyone else on the scene wore full hazmat suits. Vance Ferebee, the carrier’s medical director, said he wasn’t the clipboard-toting official, and declined to identify that man.  “Protocols were followed and there were no violations,” Ferebee told The Post on Thursday. “We’re not going to make any further comments at this time. The mystery traveler has been dubbed #clipboardguy and #clipboarddude on social media. He wore sunglasses, a long-sleeve gray shirt and dark slacks — but no protective gear, in stark contrast with everyone else on the Love Field runway, as 29-year-old Dallas nurse Amber Vinson was transported. More