ebola-research21A doctor working in south Texas is raising concerns that the Ebola strain recently contracted by a Dallas nurse may have undergone a mutation. Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Michael Jelenik says he’s troubled by the circumstances surrounding Dallas Presbyterian Hospital nurse Nina Pham’s recent contraction of the Ebola virus. Pham, 26, was one of a team of medical staff tending to Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan before his death last week. On Sunday, Texas health officials announced Pham had tested positive for the Ebola virus, even though she was careful to wear protective gear when she came in contact with the infected patient.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims a “breach in protocol” may have contributed to the disease spread, however Dr. Jelinek says Ebola research is still in its infancy and therefore the chance that it has possibly mutated cannot entirely be ruled out. “My biggest concern is that we don’t have enough knowledge about the virus and this outbreak and whether it’s mutated or not,” Dr. Jelinek told ABC affiliate KRGV, echoing anxieties voiced by other high level health professionals. The doctor adds that from an infectious disease standpoint, Ebola is still a bit of a mystery. More