Cuomo, Christie, De Blasio, And Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Address Enhanced Security In NY/NJ RegionsIf you’re planning to ride the New York subway in the next few days, you may get more than you bargained for. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced Thursday that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will begin carrying out random Ebola-response drills across the train system. “We’ll run drills where someone is on a New York City subway train, and that person becomes ill under circumstances one might think that person might be an Ebola candidate,” Cuomo told press at a news briefing. “How do you handle the case from the New York City subway system to an ambulance to the right hospital? Those practical drills are going to be what we’re moving to, on an unannounced basis.” Cuomo also suggested that an Ebola patient will eventually end up in New York, though he acknowledged that “the anxiety is higher than the probability” of a dangerous outbreak occurring in the city. “We’ve been operating under the assumption that at some point we would have to deal with an Ebola case,” he said. The governor did not provide details about what will happen during the subway drills or say how frequently they will occur. He did, however, praise the courage of the MTA employees who will be involved. “This is not in their job description,” Cuomo said. “It’s not what you sign up for when you’re a transit worker.” More