article-2561124-1B93051E00000578-55_636x382A woman in the UK has given birth to a healthy baby boy after being urged to obtain an abortion amid bleak prognosis that left him with only a ten percent chance of survival. Rachel Collins, 30, says that she was told by her doctor that she had oligohydramnios, meaning that there was too little amniotic fluid surrounding her son. If the baby did survive birth, he said, the child would not have any kidneys nor lung function. “The doctor didn’t mince his words,” she told The Daily Mail. “He said, ‘This baby will die. the best thing you can do is terminate it.’” But Collins refused to end her son’s life.  “There was no way I was terminating my baby,” she said. “I thought, if he’s not meant to be, I will miscarry. But I knew I had to try.” As Collins was already keeping a diary about her pregnancy, she decided to continue to journal about her journey and the thoughts and emotions that accompanied it. She titled her journal Alfie: Born to Fight, Ready for Battle—Our Miracle Baby Boy. “[The doctor] said, ‘Your baby has a ten percent chance of survival. You should expect a miscarriage. The baby will survive the next two weeks at best; you should have a termination,’” she wrote in her August 6, 2013 journal entry. “I wanted a second opinion. Something in my heart was telling me we could do this. I wasn’t going to give up hope—a 10% chance was not zero.” More