shallnotbeinfringedThree cases involving Second Amendment issues were turned away from the Supreme Court on Monday. The cases concerned the right of Americans to carry firearms outside their homes for self-defense. The Court did not comment on petitions for certiorari for NRA v. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and FirearmsNRA v. McCraw and Lane v. HolderConstitution Daily reports the cases were considered on Friday in private conference. A fourth case, however, may ultimately be considered by the Court and settle the matter. Drake v. Jerejian addresses gun control in New Jersey. The case argues that the Second Amendment permits a resident of the state to carry a firearm outside the home without providing justification to the state. A number of amici curiae briefs were filed with the Court on February 12. The Court is set to respond by March 14, according to the SCOTUSBlog. The Court has not ruled on the Second Amendment since 2010 when it issued a decision onMcDonald v. City of Chicago. The case added to the 2008 Heller decision. Heller held in a 5-4 decision the Second Amendment applies to the District of Columbia and protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for self-defense. It struck down a DC law outlawing the possession of handguns in the home. More