140213-seida-drill-jhc-1820_2acfae8750923342981c62dcecf1c0dfIn some states, including Missouri, laws have been put into place that require schools to conduct “active shooter drills” to prepare for school shootings, sort of like a fire drill prepares them for fire.  However, when seeing the tactics that the schools use for these drills it seems like they are designed to traumatize the children. It is also leaving many to ask if these drills are practice for false flag events. Missouri’s Lincoln County school district has already held over a dozen of these drills in the past year alone.  In many of the drills the drama club volunteers to be the victims, where they pretend to be shot using lifelike blood makeup and guns firing blank bullets. “I’ve done this like 10 times, and it gets me every time,” says Bargen, who agreed to do the drill as extra credit for drama class. “This one is even scarier because it’s on my home turf. It’s going to make me second-guess my school.” “It’s a bit nerve-wracking because I’m disabled and can’t really run away,” says Katie Ladlie, 15, who is in a wheelchair. Her plan is to go into the elevator to the third floor and either slump in her wheelchair or fall out of it when the gunman shows up. More