131105102318-bts-obama-keep-plan-mashup-00004509-story-topIn the next ten years, as many as half of all Americans will have used Obamacare subsidies, says Gene Sperling, the director of the National Economic Council. Speaking at a gathering in Washington on Thursday, Sperling said, “The tax credits will help more and more  people over time.” He pointed to a study he co-authored showing “that over a decade, probably half of Americans would have, at some point, used the tax credit. So, you know, one thing about it in our country is, there are certain things that people may initially think are for other people, but they find over time, they can be very helpful for them and their family as well.” Sperling also predicted that Republicans calls to repeal the Affordable Care Act will end shortly: “I believe, by the time we come to 2015, serious — the era of threatening to repeal — completely repeal — the Affordable Care Act will be over for serious people. And the reason why is that, at a certain point, you can’t beat something with nothing.” More