article-2565824-1BBFCAD300000578-268_634x405The latest hazard caused by this winter’s devastating storms and floods has been revealed by police – unexploded bombs. The storms that have ravaged and reshaped parts of the British coastline have led to the discovery of wartime shells long-buried on beaches. There are also fears that flooding along the Thames will erode riverbanks, leading to the discovery of bombs dropped on the area by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War.  Police say that high tides and huge waves have either exposed devices or brought them closer to the surface. Further storms and flooding are expected today as a new front moves in from the Atlantic. The Met Office has issued three severe rain warnings and gusts of wind are expected to reach 70mph. The Environment Agency also still has 48 severe flood warnings issued across the UK following what the Met Office has described as the wettest winter on record. Now walkers are being urged not to touch unidentified metal objects but to alert police to their finds instead. More