3333494_GTo enter Building B at Knickerbocker Village, you don’t need your key card. Your face will do just fine courtesy of a new biometric security system called FST21. Here’s how it works. A camera takes 5 pictures of each resident’s face. One is selected then it and other info about the resident are stored in the system database. Once a tenant tries to get through their building’s security door, a high-tech scanner reads their face. If the system recognizes the face, the door is unlocked in a matter of seconds. The FST21 system is the brainchild of Israeli general Aharon Farkash, who says it strikes the right balance between safety and simplicity. “We believe this is a solution for commercial buildings, for residential buildings, for airports and every place that you need convenience and you need security is the right place to be installed,” he says. More

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