n-JCPENNEY-large570J.C. Penney, once a powerhouse department store chain that anchored shopping malls across America, has fallen into a state of decay. The retailer’s stores aren’t up to par, despite broad changes in recent months under new chief executive Mike Ullman, according to a 17-year veteran employee who spoke on condition he not be named for fear of retaliation by his employer. The J.C. Penney employee shared a collection of photos with The Huffington Post, snapped in store visits around the nation, that reveal the deterioration of the once-mighty retail giant as it seeks to regain its former glory. The images are defined by disorganized displays, broken signs, empty shelves and messy departments. “What you’ll see is that the J.C. Penney brand is going down the hill big time,” the employee said. “Racks are messy, visual presentation is non-existent and [former CEO] Ron Johnson’s ‘shops’ are not being kept up or filled with merchandise. It’s sad to see the brand devalued.” More