06bea2cdc1883103280f6a7067006ac3“A Bridge Too Far” is the title of a book and a movie depicting the failed attack launched by the Allies in an attempt to roll back the Nazi occupation of Holland. The American and British forces succeeded in taking control of all the bridges that were vital in enabling the forces to cross the various bodies of water, yet the commanders insisted on conquering one bridge too many. The entire operation was a failure. This is what is liable to happen to Israel in the wake of Monday’s night’s airstrike in Lebanon, which foreign media sources attribute to the IAF. The bombing runs targeted Hezbollah posts near the border that divides Lebanon and Syria. According to reports, the IAF destroyed a convoy of vehicles carrying sophisticated missiles. Some reports claimed that the attack had targeted a weapons cache. For over a year, the IAF – at least according to foreign media reports – has been destroying arms shipments from Syria to Hezbollah. There have reportedly been five or six such attacks. More