Noah-movieIn a throwback to the golden age of cinema, Hollywood has declared 2014 the “Year of the Bible.” From Ridley Scott’s Exodus, starring Christian Bale as Moses, to Russell Crowe playing Noah, Hollywood is gambling on new innovations in technology and star power to revisit some of the most popular stories ever told. “It’s definitely a throwback to the 1950s and early ’60s,” Dr. Stephen J. Whitfield, an American studies professor at Brandeis University, told  Starting with The Robe in 1953 and Charlton Heston’s 1956 Passover-related epic The Ten Commandments, then continuing with Heston’s other biblically themed films—1959’s Ben-Hur and 1965’s The Greatest Story Ever Told—the post-war era was packed with movies that appealed to the conservatism of the era. “One of the reasons biblical epics were [so] popular in the 1950s and 1960s was because of the general atmosphere of piety of the era,” Whitfield says. Advances in technology also played a role, according to Whitfield. More