article-2566374-1BC256D100000578-704_964x422With their vivid colours and swirling shapes, the northern lights are already considered one of the most magical sights to see. But this might just be the most enchanting sight yet – the image of a dragon’s head appearing as the Northern Lights dance across the night sky.  The ghostly shape of the mythical creature was formed out of swathes of green as the lights appeared in the Arctic Circle.  These long-exposure images were captured by astrophotographer Juan Carlos Casado, 55, who described them as ‘mesmerising’. ‘Auroras make you relaxed and you dream like you are a kid,’ he said. ‘The movements cause changing and beautiful forms within minutes, sometimes with intense colours, and if activity is high their size can completely fill the sky. ‘There is a sense of great joy to observe directly something you’ve previously only known from photographs or documentaries.’ Other spectacular shapes forming included a bird above a jacuzzi full of tourists and a rainbow arching over a still fjord. More