486701772_ef16bea559_bDiseases that afflict domestic bees are also contagious to bumblebees and other wild fertilizers, British scientists say. Some 90 percent of domestic and wild bees have died in the US for the last ten years. In Great Britain this rate has reached 50 percent. Wholesale deaths are also seen in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Israel and other countries. This threatens the planet’s ecosystems and may strengthen the food crisis, specialists say. The danger of extinction threatens bees. Billions of honeybees worldwide die, leaving people face to face with unpollinated flowers. According to the latest data, productivity of horticultural crops, especially apples and almond-tress, has fallen in the US. Every spring hives are transported or even imported from other countries to the leanest regions of the US. But this can hardly help, as the most of the transported bees dies to the next season. Moreover, during the transportation, there is a risk of epidemic spreading. More