true-love-waitsWhen Jimmy Hester evaluates the effectiveness of True Love Waits, an abstinence-based movement he is co-founder of, the Southern Baptist leader questions where society might be without it. “What would have happened if this had not happened? What kind of impact might our culture have had on students if there had not been a sexual abstinence movement in ’93, ’94?” Hester asked, in an interview with The Christian Post. For Hester, who expresses cynicism about using statistics to measure the outcome of his work (“you can shape them however you like”), anecdotes such as Christian singles telling him they still carry their abstinence pledge cards or testimonies from young adults who tell him that his work impacted their lives, provide more than sufficient evidence that his work was worthwhile. Hester’s campaign is the focus of a new documentary produced by Lifeway – the same Southern Baptist organization from which True Love Waits was founded – and was released on February 16. “True Love Waits: The Complicated Struggle for Sexual Purity” seeks to provide a frank analysis of the once-explosive movement, and follows up with a number of the movement’s most influential and original cheerleaders. More