ohayon2On Tuesday, 23-year army and navy veteran Aryeh Ohayon took his service dog Bandit with him to the Thai Spice Buffet II in West Houston where he was denied service on the grounds that animals are prohibited. Bandit’s specialty is helping Ohayon cope with PTSD and depression. “He’s the alert if I start to have a panic attack or start to go into a flashback mode,” Ohayon told KHOU. In Texas, private businesses had the right to refuse service to anyone, but a law passed last year by Governor Rick Perry now prohibits businesses from discriminating against “persons with disabilities.” Ohayon’s right to freely visit “public facilities” with Bandit in tow is protected under this law. Ohayon next phoned Houston Police to help restore his rights. However, when cops arrived they didn’t talk to the restaurant manager, but instead issued an insensitive criticism. “I told him what my disabilities were. That’s when he said, ‘you’re not blind,’” Ohayon recalled. “[He said], ’I don’t see why you need the dog,’” Ohayon told KHOU. More