map1a4It won’t be a blizzard.  It won’t be a nor’easter.  There will be no talk of bombogenesis.  So what will it be? A little frosting on our snowy landscape and a pain in the neck for commuters Tuesday evening.  Yet another snow storm is coming, and while this one isn’t very large, it will pack a quick little punch on Tuesday afternoon, hitting southern New England square in the face. This has been a snowy month for sure. In fact, snow has fallen on 9 of the first 16 days this month, accumulating up to 20 inches in Boston already with still a ways to go. In an average February, we see about a foot of snow, so we are already well above the norm and rising. So, once again, let’s take you through inch-by-inch on Tuesday.  The first flakes may fly as early as mid-morning on Tuesday with some weather models indicating a light wind off the water producing some very light flurries near the coastline. The steady snow will arrive late in the morning in western and central Massachusetts and around noon – 1 p.m. in eastern Massachusetts. The snow will be steady and heavy at times in the afternoon. More