fromashesI hadn’t intended to write just yet about much of my past but I feel it is time to start writing in small bits about some of what my life has been like over the 36 years I have been on this planet. I feel that it is important for my readers and even my future readers to realize that although I speak in hopes of encouraging others, I have also lived a life that was not so pretty. I also want you to realize you do not have to be one who has served God for years and years in order to receive his love, grace, mercy, blessings or to have dreams and visions imparted to you. You only need to have the passion to chase after God with all you have and with all your heart. Open yourself to Him, allow changes to take place in your life and watch a new creation bloom! God has offered much to me and has blessed me more than I could ever thank Him for. I thank Him for all the little things, for all the daily things and even for the past things. There is good in every bad situation, you just have to be willing to see it. Sometimes it might take years before you do. More