We-Stand-with-IsraelA new article in Middle East Quarterly is reporting dramatic generational shifts within the American Evangelical circles in terms of its support for Israel. While only a decade ago American Zionism was an emerging and dominant force in American cultural and political circles, a series of generational trends, specifically within today’s millennials are seeing those attitudes change, according to the article: With every passing month, more evidence is emerging that these anti-Israel Christians are succeeding in reaching beyond the evangelical left and are influencing the mainstream. In particular, they are penetrating the evangelical world at its soft underbelly: the millennial generation. These young believers (roughly ages 18 to 30) are rebelling against what they perceive as the excessive biblical literalism and political conservatism of their parents. As they strive with a renewed vigor to imitate Jesus’ stand with the oppressed and downtrodden, they want to decide for themselves which party is being oppressed in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Narratives being promoted by Palestinian Christians are taking root in younger evangelicals, with startling conclusions. A 2010 Pew poll showed that more American evangelicals were inclined to be neutral in the Israeli-Palenstinian conflict than to side with Israel alone. It also showed that American Evangelicals were less inclined to support Israel than those in the global community. More